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    The 2018-19 school year is here. 
    If your student is new to the school district and needs to ride the bus, you can sign-up at the School buildings.

    Snow! Winter is starting and with it comes the city snowplows. As our students walk to school or to bus stops, they need to stay clear of the snowplows.

    As always, coat, gloves, hats, etc. that are left on the buses will be after a few days, sent to the Elementary School Lost and Found.

    With winter comes winter driving conditions. Your bus may be running a little late, but it will be there.

    When school starts back after Christmas Holidays, Toni Francis will be driving Strawberry Route. Lynn Laman is moving out of the area. Thanks Lynn for keeping our kids safe.

    Little Beaver Route for the forseeable future will be driven by substitute drivers who have been with the School District for years.

    2018-19 School year

    In-Town Bus Stops 2018-19

    1. 9th& Water St. am 7:26 - pm 4:00 Elk bus #17

    2. 4th & water St. am 7:30 - pm 4:00 Elk bus #17

    3. 11th & Garfield St. am 7:30 - pm 4:01 Bear bus #6 

    4. 11th & Sage Ct. am 7:30 - pm 4:05 Kangaroo bus #3 

    5. 7th & Cedar St. am 7:34 - pm 4:05 Horse bus #1

    6. 6th & Garfield St. am 7:35 - pm 4:00 Horse bus #1

    7. 12th & Main St. am 7:26 - pm 4:05 Kangaroo bus #3 

    8. 9th & Park St. am 7:32 - pm 4:07 Horse bus #1

    Staff Driving District Vehicles
     New and current staff, if you intend to drive a school district vehicle, you will need to do the following:

             Small vehicle / no students............ Complete a driver license check form and send it to bus garage.

             Small vehicle with students............Complete a driver license check form.  Click HERE for form.
                                                                Complete a medical survey form.  Click HERE for form
                                                                Take the annual written driver's test

             Small Vehicle Operator Guide Link ( test study materials) Click HERE.
             Activity Vehicle Passenger Capacity and Cost Document click HERE.
             Mileage Distance and Times click HERE.

    All forms needed to complete small vehicle with students test are located in links provided or at the bus garage.

    2018-19 School Year
    If you are new to Meeker, as a parent or school district staff member, give us a call to find out how school transportation can work for you.

    Roy Wedding Transportation Director (970) 878-9080

    Vaughn Moodie Mechanic (970) 878-5509