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Academic Extra-Curricular Eligibility Updates


An academic eligibility list will be generated each Tuesday morning.  To participate in any extra-curricular activity (dances, sports, etc.) students must be in good standing scholastically.  A student will appear on an eligibility list if that student is late or missing one or more assignments in one or more classes.  When a student appears on the eligibility list for more than one consecutive week, that student will not be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities during that eligibility week.  Any ineligible student will remain ineligible for the entire week, Tuesday to Tuesday.  The student will remain ineligible until their name no longer appears on the eligibility list. 

 Teachers, parents and coaches will work together to correct problems.  Students with missing or incomplete work, who have made little or no effort to complete the work will be considered unsatisfactory in that class.  If a student is unsatisfactory in more than one class, he/she will become in poor standing with the school and will be ineligible.  Eligibility will be checked on Monday mornings and ineligible students may not participate in any extra-curricular activity for a week.