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New Cell Phone Policy

.  IPods, cell phones, tablets, and other personal items may not be used during school hours (7:50 AM– 3:50 PM) unless directed by a teacher for a specific classroom activity.  The use of ear buds, headphones is prohibited during school hours, including breaks, study time, lunch etc.  All student cell phones must be turned into the students’ first period teacher for safe keeping.  All phones will be returned at the end of the school day.  The misuse of cell phones will result in phone confiscation by the teacher and a parent call to have the phone picked up by the parent.  The second time a student misuses a phone, including failing to turn in a phone to the teacher, will result in an office referral, resulting in possible suspension from school. Consequences will increase with subsequent violations.  At any time a student needs to contact their parent, they may do so at the office, where they may use their cell phone once the office staff has been notified.