Dear 6th grade students and parents,

Welcome to the Meeker Cowboy Band Program!  This year students will acquire instruments pretty quickly.  The school owns some very nice horns, but many people prefer to rent.  Rentals offer an opportunity to eventually purchase horns when students start to know that instrumental music is something they would like to pursue.  Books will be purchased by the school.

On Thursday, August 25th from 5:30PM-7:30PM at BMS, we will have representatives from Roper music to explain the rental process and to allow students to hold and play each horn to see what they are comfortable with.  It is not required that you rent an instrument.  If you would like to play saxophone, oboe or bassoon, you will have to rent as there are no more extra instruments of that type in our inventory.  Percussionists will be asked to purchase their own sticks and pads once we have fit all of the wind instruments.

Randy Adams

Choir and Band Director

Meeker H.S. and Barone M.S.