Physicals for 7th – 12th grades will be Wednesday, July 21st and Thursday, July 29th.  Parents/Students will call the clinic and schedule an appointment time.  Clinic # - 970.878.4014.  Students will be scheduled in groups of 15 every 30 minutes.

  1.  Students will be required to arrive at the facility wearing their own mask.  If this is not in place they will not be seen.  We will have our screening person posted at the front door. 

  2. We are asking that they do not show up more than 5 minutes prior to their appointment time.  If they do, they will be required stay in their car or wait outside.

  3. If their paperwork is not completed and signed by a parent by the student’s appointment time, they will not be able to be seen.

  4. If the parent must accompany the student they will be required to follow the same masking protocols.

Athletic Physical Form