Safe Schools Handbook

2015-2016 Safe School Letter to Parents

2015-2016 Safe School Letter to Parents - Spanish Version

Meeker School District Policy Link

Meeker School District Policy Link - Spanish Version

and AC-E            Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (and complaint process)

ADC                   Tobacco Free Schools

IHCDA               Concurrent Enrollment
JB                       Equal Educational Opportunity
JBB*                   Sexual Harassment
JH                       Student Absences and Excuses
JHB                     Truancy
JIC                      Student Conduct
JICA                   Student Dress Code
JICC                   Student Conduct in School Vehicles
JICDA                 Code of Conduct
JICDD*               Violent and Aggressive Behavior
JICDE*               Bullying Prevention and Education
JICEA                 School-Related Student Publications
JICEC*                Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials
JICF                     Secret Societies/Gang Activity

JICH                    Drug and Alcohol Involvement by Students

JICI                     Weapons in School
JICJ                     Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices
JIH                       Student Interviews, Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
or JJA-2     Student Organizations (Limited Forum or Open Forum)

JK and JK-R        Student Discipline

JK*-2                   Discipline of Students with Disabilities
JKA                     Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint
JKBA*-R            Disciplinary Removal from Classroom
JKD/JKE             Suspension/Expulsion of Students
JLCB                   Immunization of Students
JLCD                   Administering Medications to Students
JLCDA*              Students with Food Allergies
and         Screening and Testing of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders)
JLDAC-E            Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment  (PPRA)
JLFF*                  Sex Offender Information
JQ                        Student Fees, Fines and Charges
JRA/JRC,            Student Records/Release of Information on Students
JRA/JRC-E-1      Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning Student Education  Records
JRCA*                 Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and State Agencies